How Security leads to civilization.

When I say a better human life that is based on peaceful environment it actually means I am talking about a secure environment. Security is a core value of human life, without security there is no industry. Safety dilemma always exist in every society of human. From early times to this day. An individual always seek security to be its first priority and its ultimate right.

Individual desire for security is a reflection of their livelihood. Individuals need security and this is generally reflected in our overall population. Counting the laws of nature and human survival for thousands of year, individual consciousness get alarm for security issue. Even by the laws of nature, they reveal the truth that survival requires security. Security from any threat either external or internal. As indicated by the Understood getting Theory, this very society was formed in view of feeling questionable and undermined by forces of nature. Individuals feel sabotaged and dubious by various individuals and take exercises to have a conviction that all is good and secure. These exercises consequently reflect a human aching for security in the public eye. The aching for security is an aftereffect of social threats like physical risks (torture, injury, death), money related perils (seizure or destruction of property), perils to rights (confinement renouncing of customary regular opportunities), and risks to position or status (downsize, public humiliation). A bit of these perils are even irreversible for instance loss of life, and limbs. The aforementioned facts generalize the issue of desire for security. But also needs to be resolved through legal means. People need to live under the constraints of an organization, understanding that various organization have rules and rules limit the chances of threats.

Human is a social animal. We can say a civilized well educated animal. As long as human is progressing, requirements for its success are increasing, in the same way the need of security is increasing. By the time, situation for security is changing within the dilemma of human activities. It is changing from days to days. In early times, human activities were about to take shelter and protection from wild animals. So on, communities developed and human activities were concerned about security from other communities. In today’s world, human activities are associated with political activities, ideological phenomenon, states issues, regional conflicts, nuclear proliferation, proxy wars, and fifth generation warfare and so on. One can find such a human activities that are connected with security. These activities demands and seek security. Division of Police seemed to offer security to individuals from others. State actors are doing what they have to do for a secure and safe environment.

In Overall Relations, there are different ways to manage security. The standard method to manage security is the use of force in military terms. On the other hand, contemporary approach to manage security is more about Individuals. . In 1994, UNDP HDR introduced a report as exhibited by which seven things were added to the chance of security, these are precious, normal, financial, political, network success and food security. The state should shield its kin from these inside dangers.

Security really remains a tested term because of its more broad significance and its thoughts being juvenile. It is a middle human worth and individuals accomplice such an activities to security. Despite being a tested term, securitization the factor that can change techniques of states and individuals with no issue.